No internet connection on mobile when connected over mobile data

Hi, I am pretty new to tailscale and I am having some trouble regarding the connection on my mobile phone over mobile data. If I connect to tailscale with mobile data, there seems to be no internet connection and nothing will load (google, youtube, etc.) but as soon as I disconnect everything seems to be working fine again. I have tried overriding the local DNS and using google’s DNS but it seemed to be of no use.

I am trying to access my plex server remotely and it just won’t work. I really like tailscale and the fact that it could get around CGNAT. It would be of great help if this issue could be resolved.

OS: Android 13 on smartphone and win10 on PC.

Thanks in advance!

I see exactly the same problem. Perfect on wifi but on mobile data there is no connection.

Pixel 7 Pro Android 13