Android client not working

I’m able to connect and see my Pixel 5 device, and I can see other devices from there, but not much actually seems to work.

I can successfully ICMP ping from my mac, and tailscale ping from a linux box that I can’t ICMP ping from. I can’t make any connections, however, either to other tailscale devices or via exit node.

I also can’t share files which may be unrelated. It gives me no destinations to when trying to send and doesn’t show up as a destination when I want to receive.

How are you trying to transfer files? Using Taildrop?

Note that things that use multicast for browsing endpoints won’t work over Tailscale. You will need to enter the ip address of the endpoint directly.

I tried everything. Accessing tailnet hosts via browser, accessing the internet via exit node, taildrop, ICMP ping, “tailscale ping” and “tailscale ping -tsmp”. Only the “tailscale ping” variants tell me any packets can move.

I do see all the hosts, but no traffic flows.

There was a software update today which didn’t help, but uninstalling and reinstalling got everything working.

Not sure if the same problem. But TS only works on WiFi, tried every DNS setting on Android phone (clean Pixel 7).

On WiFi it’s good. On my old phone, OnePlus it was no problems.
I cant resolve any pages on internet or nothing else if on mobile network. On WiFi, noe problems at all.
This is Telia in Norway.

i and many more have the same problem. it looks like an error with the dns resolution when you are connected with 4G/5G and have tailscale running.
In Tailscale admin console, enabling “override local DNS” fixes this issue but this will force override the DNS settings on all your tailscale clients.

What is the downside of doing that?
I have done no settings for tailscale, justnoutnof the box.

when you have a server which relies on the local dns server (e.g. windows domain) it can cause trouble, because the server is not using the domain-dns anymore.

It seems to be isolated to the apps though, in part at least. An app like nextcloud, mattermost, traccar…those will not work when connected to Tailscale and on 5g, but the same hostnames resolve fine via Chrome, and the DigDNS App. Conversely, everything works fine on Wifi.

Since i have disabled magicdns in tailscale, i have No more Problems