macOS - backend error: invalid key: API key <KEY> not valid


macOS = Ventura

I have installed Tailscale using the App Store and I managed to make it work last week using a one-time use Auth Key.

Previously, because of other issues, I had to install Tailscale using MacPorts. I uninstalled the MacPort version in favour of the one in the App Store and this created two entries in the management console which we erased.

When erasing and installing back Tailscale, I am trying to register my machine and I keep on getting:

backend error: invalid key: API key <KEY> not valid

We have tried a few times now, no luck.

I have uninstalled/erased Taiscale from the Application folder a few times and install it back again.

Reading around we found a post that it was recommended to erase the tailscaled.state file which I did and tried again, same outcome, I then erased the whole /Library/Tailscale directory and tried, the same error.

After more investigation, the conclusion is that /Library/Tailscale directory has been created when MacPorts was used to install Tailscale as when setting it up from the App Store, Tailscale will be sandboxed.

Any help will be appreciated.

It seems that it worked with the new version.