Can't ssh to specific machine: "Rejected. Source was created with API key."

Tailscale version: 1.28.0
Your operating system & version: Nixos 22.05

Problem is basically like the title says. I’m having a weird issue where I can not ssh (using tailscale ssh) to a specific machine (I have tried from multiple other machines) I always get this error: “Rejected. Source was created with API key.”. It can go the other way around, the troublesome machine can ssh to others…

EDIT: it fails the other way around now actually as well

I grepped the source code and didn’t see this error anywhere so I am a little stumped (I’m thinking maybe the error message is being generated in the controlplane?).


EDIT: changing the action from check to accept makes it work! A little annoying, so I’m hoping to find a solve but one step at a time I guess.