How to control users inviting

Hello folks,

I am confused about the Tailscale members inviting mechanism. As per the document, anyone who has an email that has the same domain as the Tailscale organization domain is able to sign up for an account to join the VPN network.

I think this is not a good idea. Say my organization has 100 people and I want to get 20 people to use VPN only. How can we get this sorted out if anyone in the company is able to sign up for an account with their email?

Hope to hear your advice soon.
Thank you!

There may be other ways, but if that was my case, I would set it up so that I had to manually authorize new clients.

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Thanks for your advice. I think Tailscale should update the feature as soon as possible.

Like other traditional VPN gateways, this concept is more straightforward. just add the user we want to have VPN access.

Personally, for my needs, I like it as is.