Email Alerts for newly added devices

I was wondering if someone somehow was able to gain access to my email and password and logged in to my Tailscale account with their own device.

Is it possible to add email alerts when a new device is added to your Tailscale account?


We can enable machine authorization. Where admin has to approve the device in order to allow connecting to respective tailnet. if you would like it to be enabled on your tailnet, please provide your domain details on

This seems like a natural feature to present in the admin UI, why is this buried?

I think Cloudflare One/Teams/Access (whatever their latest rebranding is this month) has this when a Team Warp client first connects - at least that’s how I remember it.

We have a GitHub issue to track this feature, Please subscribe to it for future updates.

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Provided link is internal issue. GitHub issue to track this feature Admin UI for machine authorization support. · Issue #1893 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub.