How do I transfer data/relay from tailscale ip to local ip?

my setup:
I installed tailscale on an android 10 phone, then on a VPS. And I made VPS exit node.
My phone can connect to VPS successfully.

my experiment:
Using an “every proxy” app on my phone, I’m trying to let some LAN device (which can not install tailscale) connect to VPS through my phone - “every proxy” can expose,, and 100.x.x.x (tailscale ip) to my LAN.
It turned out: only 100.x.x.x works, so the LAN device need to install tailscale, too, which makes this experiment meaningless. I don’t know if this is a bug for “every proxy”, or it’s just impossible to use one network adapter to connect internet and expose another set of ip?

Is there a correct way to relay? - in this experiment, it has to include exit node.

Could anybody please enlighten me?