Different machines with same hostname

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I am using tailscale with multiple independent devices with same hostname and different machine-id. The problem is that tailscale seems to detect automatically each device as the same machine and gives to all of them the same tailscale IP address.

I have read that Tailscale assigns IP addresses based on the device and authorization credentials and cannot be changed by hand.

Is there a way to preserve same hostname between different machine so they are assigned different IPs?

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Last available Tailscale version
Operating System: Linux

to all of them the same tailscale IP address.

Did you install Tailscale and then clone the filesystem to other devices?

If so, you can resolve this by:

  1. systemctl stop tailscaled
  2. rm /var/lib/tailscale/tailscaled.state
  3. systemctl start tailscaled
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It resolves my problem! :star_struck: Thank you very much!