Two machines "overwriting" each other


I have 2 Raspberry Pi’s. I setuped tailscale on one of them and copied the SD card 1:1 to the other.
I realized that the tailscale connection is reused on both devices and interrupt each other - not unexpected reusing the same SD card image.

Obviously, I renamed the hostname to something else and rebooted the device,
but whatever I do now - the second raspberry pi is always overwriting the other.

  • tailscale down & renaming hostname && tailscale up --authkey xxxx > overwriting the other
  • tailscale logout & deleting machine from web ui && tailscale up --authkey xxxx
  • tailscale logout & deleting machine from web ui && deintsalling and installing tailsclae & renaming hostname to something not used before && tailscale up --authkey xxxx

Is there any way to force tailscale to forget those raspberry pies, so I can start clean without hostname conflict?

On one of the RPis if you:

  1. systemctl stop tailscale
  2. rm /var/lib/tailscale/tailscaled.state
  3. systemctl start tailscale
  4. tailscale up

It will ask you to authorize it as a new device.

Yes, this is a known issue Can't rename a machine to the name of a removed machine · Issue #1200 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub, we have removed node data is stored in the backend even if it’s removed from UI. You can uninstall the Tailscale and remove the tailscaled. state file. Reinstall Tailscale should address this issue.