Duplicate IPs for different machines despite complete uninstalls

We have different Windows 10 machines that are built with a preconfigured image.
Despite different machine names, when logging in, these machines have identical tailscale IPs.

Attempted troubleshooting:
I’ve attempted complete uninstall of Tailscale, by removing program as well as deleting the folders at C:\Program Data\Tailscale and C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Tailscale, followed by reinstall and signing in, only to result with the same device ip on each again (Instructions followed: Uninstalling Tailscale · Tailscale) .

Clean uninstall, followed by reinstall of tailscale on machine01 and sign in - receives an IP 100.##.##.001 (example). machine01 listed on admin console with that ip.
Clean uninstall, followed by reinstall of tailscale on machine02 and sign in - receives the same IP as machine01 - 100.##.##.001. machine01 now disappears from the admin console device list, and machine02 appears instead with the same ip.
Have tried deleting the device from admin console, and repeating the above steps, but we end with both devices having new but matching IP addresses instead (both with example 100.##.##.101)

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

I believe I’ve resolved the issue.
In addition to the stated clean uninstall steps, I also had to delete the Tailscale folder at

A reinstall following this on the different machines has generated distinct IPs that are retained.

Older versions of the Tailscale client used the system AppData rather than Program Data\Tailscale, so if there is configuration data in the old location it will be copied to the new location. I will add that to the uninstall instructions.

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