Can access SSH but no other services on Linux server via Tailscale

Tailscale version: 1.30.2
Your operating system & version: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Latest Android client


I have Tailscale installed on an Ubuntu server, along with an Android device and a Windows 11 laptop.

I can SSH into the server (using the 100.XX.XX.XX:22 address) without any issues from both Android and Windows 11 (from a cellphone network, so I’m certain it’s traversing the Tailscale network).


I can see the various services (running in docker containers)advertised on Tailscale but I cannot access them:


I’ve tried temporarily disabling the firewall, to validate it’s not being blocked at that level (it isn’t). I’ve also tried playing around with subnets (with no change).

How can I debug where the issue lies?

Can you detail a bit more your setup on Ubuntu? How are you exposing the docker services to tailscale? And do you have any ACL setup that could block the traffic?

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I’ll try and answer, but not sure exactly which information to provide!

  1. Tailscale is running on the host OS, rather than in a container itself.
  2. I didn’t do any specific configuration to interface it with the docker containers; they automatically appeared in the ‘services’ tab in Tailscale
  3. I haven’t configured ACL - only have 1 user configured at the moment and wanted to get it working before locking things down.

When on the local network, I can hit the docker services either through 192.168.X.X:ZZZZ or through hostname:ZZZZ. I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that because they appeared in the tailscale services page, no further configuration was necessary.

I don’t have any restrictions setup in iptables.

I’m sure it’s something obvious, just need pointing in the right direction to be able to diagnose further!



I have also tried setting up a subnet, as per here: Subnet routers and traffic relay nodes · Tailscale

Host is on, so ran the various commands and then this:

sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes=

The subnet is enabled in the admin console.

Have you found a solution for this issue. I have also installed tailscale on the host and assumed I would have plug and play access to my containers. I see that was misguided.