Connecting two Tailscale configured routers?

I have a Tablo TV (an OTA device that records TV shows and is network connected). It has a method to allow remote connection via port forwarding on our local router. However, we have Starlink which uses CGNAT so no port forwarding. I am looking at Tailscale to connect my Firestick (Tablo has an app on Firestick and other devices) across this connection.

I have attached a simplified diagram of my IPs and such. The gl-inet routers at each end have Tailscale on them and enabled. Both routers have their respective IP ranges listed in the Tailscale subnet routes. The Firestick app cannot find the Tablo TV. The mobile device (on the left side) has a Tablo app also. When using the router connection, the Tablo app will NOT find the device. However, the mobile device, when using its own Tailscale connection WILL find the device. To me that shows the router at the Tablo end (192.168.12 and 192.168.13) is working great.

The problem is getting the traffic from the router (192.168.1 and 192.168.9) to the other router.

Any ideas would be very appreciated.


I suggest looking at Tailscale’s Site-to-site networking guide if you’ve not already done so. That will likely get you what you need, which if so, is, in short, to make each of your routers function as a Tailscale subnet router, using --advertise-routes={ | }, --snat-subnet-routes=false, and --accept-routes such that each of those nodes advertises routes for its subnet, set MSS and MTU on each, and either add static routes on the non-tailscale machines or (more likely) add a next-hop static route on each router.

Out of curiosity: Which GL.iNet machines are you using? I’m very pleased with their hardware for various tinkering. I have a Mango, which was interesting for its time, a couple of the Shadow units, which are very capable for their tiny size, though limited in Wi-Fi capabilities, and a few of the Slates, which seemed to provide a great balance of low-cost, size, and capability, that I used while traveling in order to tunnel my family’s and my devices’ connections back through our home network. A year ago, while GL.iNET were still working to get OpenWRT 21 in use on their hardware, it took some doing to get Tailscale installed on their hardware. Now, it’s fully supported.

Thanks for the answer. I will see if I can try some things.

The Tailscale implementation by GL.iNet is limited in the configuration section. However, do you know of a way to do some configuration in Luci that corresponds to theirs?

I have used many GL.iNet routers, I really like them. I use them a lot in our RV since I like to do everything in 12v/5v if I can. I use a router as an access point to my Peplink Surf SOHO.

The setup I am trying to do right now has a Beryl AX on one end and a Slate AX on the other.