Any success with tailscale behind starlink?


Loving Tailscale. Have a pfsense at my business with cable internet. Installed tailscale and it works well. Installed Tailscale at home which is also a pfsense behind a Starlink V2 in bypass mode. The appropriate Tailscale advertised routes show up in both pfsenses. I can access the network behind the cable internet from the Starlink network but cannot access the Starlink network at home from the work network. Tailscale installed on various ios devices and can see and use hosts behind both pfsenses.

I am assuming it is due to the cg-nat but cannot figure it out. Has anyone setup tailscale on a firewall serviced by Starlink in bypass mode?


Yes, I have tailscale installed on routers behind two Starlink dishes and have no problems. One is using a 3rd party router direct to the dish, the other has the Starlink router in bypass mode. I can access either network from the other, or from Tailscale on client devices on other networks.

Thanks. Any tips that you could share on router setup itself? I tried to follow the YT video that the pfSense people put out but I cant get into the Starlink TS router network from behind the other TS router but can from devices running TS. Thanks again for the reply.