Community Spotlight: How do you use Tailscale?

Showcase your projects with the community. We love to see all the interesting ways people are using Tailscale.

  • Storing and sharing family photos via Perkeep(ios client when?) without the need for SSL certificate,
  • Cancelled my dropbox subscription and use rsync to home server for the storage.
  • Did I mention connecting to Work-PC from home, yeah also for that.
  • Also for ssh ing my DigitalOcean VPS’s which has no ssh port enabled for the public network.
  • and Minecraft

@msh how do you use it for minecraft?

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Right now I’m building a homelab on a raspberry pi cluster. I run some utilities that I like to be able to access anywhere, so each node in the cluster is running tailscale:

  • Bitwarden - For password management
  • Home Assistant - For home automation. My aim is to be able to control things like my thermostat while I’m out of the house without exposing things to public internet

I keep it all in a public repo that anyone can take a look at, my docker images are private though:


to host it on home machine, no static ip needed


Distributed NATS Services on TailScale Network:

Just a try though :sweat_smile:

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This is awesome, thanks for writing and sharing it with us!


At home:

  • Connect all the devices. No good reason at all but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

At work:

  • Providing access to the MySQL server for all developers. Low latency really makes a difference.
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@Kazoom thanks for sharing :slight_smile: