Client version "1.20.1" != tailscaled server version "1.20.0"

Hi There,

today I received the following:

Warning: client version “1.20.1” != tailscaled server version “1.20.0”
Tailscale is stopped.

Can you update your Servers, please… otherwise I can’t connect to the “tailnet” anymore.


The Windows client is in two pieces:

  • a frontend which runs the Tailscale icon in the taskbar
  • a Windows Service which runs the bulk of the VPN functionality

The error means the Windows Service is still running 1.20.0 while the UI is running 1.20.1. This can probably be rectified via one of the following:

  • uninstall and reinstall tailscale
  • go to the Task Manager, select Services, and end the Tailscale service (it will be restarted automatically)
  • reboot the Windows machine

Hmm… That was on Linux. (Arch)

Sorry. I should have specified better.

It worked now, btw… I really think the servers were not updated.

The Linux client as a similar structure with the CLI in /usr/bin/tailscale and the backend service in /usr/sbin/tailscaled. The error would indicate that a tailscale CLI version 1.20.1 was trying to talk to a tailscaled version 1.20.0.

If it is resolved now, then great.

understood! :slight_smile:

thank you for clarifying