Issue with update on win server 2019 hyper-v edition

hello, thanks.

tailscale has been running fine, was using 1.16.1
just updated to 1.16.2 tho some issues

  • status claims ts is not running - i know it is working as i can rdp into the server using ts ipaddress.
  • at the ts wesbite, the version is still listed as `1.16.1
    note: had no issues updating a win11 machine and a raspberry pi zero
  • from the command line, tailscale.exe is not found, i have to cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Tailscale IPN
tailscale version
  tailscale commit: f449111792f662c8552514cf3691c3c1bd7f38e4
  other commit: 3853a3b920c7ec33da2b8ba8454e9ca8b3772774
  go version: go1.17.1-ts097d1284f9

tailscale status
Tailscale is stopped.

i rebooted the win server, still able to rdp into it but i get this

tailscale status
unexpected state: NoState

Would you please send us the windows server details you are using? also the tailnet address with the server name. Please send these details over email to