AWS Workspace not connected

I’m trying to connect a VM running in AWS Workspaces and everything installed fine but the workspace doesn’t show as connected. I don’t have an ability to open ports or change the network because it’s a fully managed service but I’m curious how I can troubleshoot to figure out why it won’t connect.

What operating system are you using?
How did you install Tailscale?

What does tailscale netcheck report?

Sorry, I was traveling this week. Here’s the output.

tailscale netcheck
2022/04/22 13:18:26 No DERP map from tailscaled; using default.

        * UDP: true
        * IPv4: yes,
        * IPv6: no
        * MappingVariesByDestIP: false
        * HairPinning: false
        * PortMapping:
        * Nearest DERP: Seattle
        * DERP latency:
                - sea: 8.5ms   (Seattle)
                - sfo: 26.5ms  (San Francisco)
                - ord: 52.9ms  (Chicago)
                - dfw: 68.3ms  (Dallas)
                - nyc: 85.1ms  (New York City)
                - tok: 132ms   (Tokyo)
                - lhr: 155.1ms (London)
                - fra: 167.9ms (Frankfurt)
                - sao: 176.6ms (São Paulo)
                - syd: 179.1ms (Sydney)
                - sin: 188ms   (Singapore)
                - blr: 251.2ms (Bangalore)

I should have asked this earlier as well, what does tailscale status --peers=false say?

So it looks like tailscale had stopped on the machine after installing it. When I ran status it said I was logged out so I up’d again and everything looks like it’s connected and fine.

Sorry for the trouble. I should have at least verified that first.

No problem glad it’s working!