access the internal ip of my Mac

I would like to access the internal ip of my Mac mini.
How can I solve this?

Thank you very much.

Assume your Mac Mini is on a LAN with IP address You want to use Tailscale to connect to

There is a way to do so using a subnet relay Subnet routes and relay nodes · Tailscale but it isn’t very straightforward. You’d have the relay advertise a route to

Could I ask what you’re trying to accomplish? There may be a more straightforward way to accomplish it.

there is a central database on the Mac mini.
Our software (for writing invoices etc.) accesses this via IP address. This must be exactly this IP address. Otherwise it does not work.
At the moment I have no idea.
The link given refers to Linux. It says that MacOS is not supported at the moment?

Kind regards
Peter Schulze

So you have:

  • a remote Mac Mini, with Tailscale installed. You need to connect to (for example) for the invoice software to work. Right now, you can connect to this device’s 100.x.y.z Tailscale address.
  • a local device you are using, also with Tailscale installed. Is this another MacOS system?

Is this correct?

Using just these two devices, there isn’t a straightforward way to do this. The --advertise-routes argument described in Subnet routes and relay nodes · Tailscale KB article doesn’t currently work on the Mac Mini, though we plan to support it in the future.

If you had a third device on the same Ethernet as the Mac Mini, like a Raspberry Pi, it could:

  • start tailscaled using “tailscale up --advertise-routes=”
  • on your local device you’d connect to the Raspberry Pi via Tailscale, and from the Pi connect to the Mac Mini on

There is no hope of having the check of broadened to also accept 100.x.y.z, to allow the Tailscale address to work?

I got it to work.
On the Mac mini (Big Sur) I have set up an additional Ethernet network in the network settings.
There I have set up a manual IP (the Tailscale IP from the Mac mini).
The software can be accessed via this IP.

Thanks for the help
Peter Schulze