Windows tailscale + video

  1. I want to tunnel all traffic, but unfortunately I only have a Windows box. Is there a way to improve the Windows speed or run Tailscale via WSL2? I tried WSL2 and it seemed to not start, so I guess some configuration must happen?

  2. If not, is there a recommendation on how to tunnel traffic through windows?

I imagine if the tailscale private network IP is a.b.c.d, then I could use a proxy server (say CCproxy on port 5000, say), and access it using a.b.c.d with port 5000?

I would assume this latter path doesn’t have any speed slowdown, whereas the first method might?

  1. I also tried using an ssh tunnel but I wasn’t able to get it working with a Windows destination server. I’m not sure if I have to configure something on the server side in addition to the client side.

In the end I’m trying to maximize performance, as all I’m trying to do is watch TV in a different country. I would really love a faster Windows option as it’d be simplest, but running a proxy server on the server side doesn’t seem too hard. Just trying to figure out the best solution. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!