Windows clients cannot connect to the Internet using exit Node

I opened Exit Node on a Ubuntu22.04(1.26.0), and my Android device 1.24.2 was able to connect to Exit Node and forward all traffic, However, my Win10 21H2 device (1.26.0) is connected to exit node(Allow Local Network Access) and cannot be connected to the Internet

I have read the issue of Github, someone said that it can be solved by switching to Windows 1.14 and 1.18 versions, but I have tried it but it didn’t work

I tried to create Ubuntu in the virtual machine, apt installed 1.26, also can connect to exit node, and can forward all traffic

Is exit Node now unavailable for Windows clients to forward all traffic?

  • Can someone help me?

I created a VIRTUAL machine with Win10 , and then installed 1.26 client, EXIT Node can be used. I don’t know why MY laptop can’t be used, is it because the networking mode is wifi? Or too many network adapter Settings?