Windows client not picking up advertised routes from Linux machine

I have a linux server that is advertising a single IP /32 route. A mac client picks this up and is able to connect, but windows client is not able to. The routing table when tailscale is active only adds the 100.x destination ips, not the advertised route so traffic goes out over the default interface.

Version: 1.3.190 (same behavior on 1.3.147)

Did you uncheck the “Route subnets” option in the debug menu?

If you hold shift and right click the tray icon on Windows, the “Route Subnets” menu option should be checked by default.

Interesting, that was indeed unchecked. Checking that and disconnecting / reconnecting did add the route and allows me to connect via tailscale. I did not know about that and had never seen that menu before so I never unchecked it as far as I am aware.