Windows 11 upgrade

After upgrading to Windows 11, Tailscale wont start saying that the service is not running (but it is)


Version 1.14.4 (t682d4a31e-g910f31d07)

Did you update Windows, and then update to Tailscale 1.14.4? The 1.14.4 release contains a fix which was expected to avoid this issue, but only if it is installed before doing the Windows Update.

Due to recent changes in Windows Update, upgrading the operating system on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 machine running Tailscale may break Tailscale connectivity. If this happens, your machine will no longer be able to connect to your tailnet.

Instructions to recover are in Troubleshooting guide · Tailscale (look for “Updated Windows machine stops connecting to Tailscale”)

To avoid this issue on other systems, upgrade Tailscale on your Windows machines to Tailscale 1.14.4 or later before updating Windows. Windows 11 started rolling out this week, and will break Tailscale 1.14.3 to the point that it won’t be able to connect. Once broken, installing 1.14.4 will not recover automatically and Troubleshooting guide · Tailscale will need to be followed.

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Removing my machine did fix the issue. Thanks.

Do you recall if you updated to Windows 11 first, then installed Tailscale 1.14.4?

Yes, I was not aware that Tailscale needed to be updated before. So, Windows did its thing, updating to 11 and Tailscale after. Reinstalling Tailscale does nothing too, you must remove the machine in the console.

thanks, it worked for me.
removed old machine from admin panel, and re-authroized.