Tailscale will not run on Windows 11 PC

I have a problem getting tailscale to run on my Windows 11 PC. I installed the software. However, no log in appeared and no Icon. I went to CMD mode and ran the tailscale up command. The cursor moved a line down and nothing happened. I ran the tailscale status command and the reply was status none.
Tailscale does show installed on my program list.

Thanks for any suggestions

Bob W.

Saw your post and its similar to mine maybe this will help.

I am running version 1.32.0. Should I revert to 114.4. I did a reinstall of Windows 11 and then installed Tailscale 1.32.0 and still will not run.

I finally got to the bottom of my Tailscale connectivity issue. I am part of the Windows 11 insider group. One of the prerelease versions did not get removed when I tried a reinstall of Windows 11. I installed a public release version on a clean SSD. All the connectivity problems have been solved. Thanks for the suggestions.