Tailscale will not run on my Windows 11 PC

Good day. I thought I had my connection issues solved. Unfortunately not. I installed Tailsclale Version 1.32.0. on my Windows 11 PC. I opened a command line and ran tailscale up to log the pc on. when I hit enter, the curser moved down a line and nothing else happens.
After several minutes, I closed and reopened a command line and tried tailscale status and it came back as status none.

Any ideas?

Bob W.

Tailscale CLI on windows has been broken for quite some time. The near last comment on Windows Server Core cannot startup Tailscale · Issue #2137 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub has some suggestions.

Since you are using a desktop OS you must login and use the GUI tools to setup unattended. installing the msi and configuring via CLI, script or remote shell is what’s broken; it needs that gui tool to run to store the settings.