Why is TailScale connecting to log.tailscale.io?

Hey there,

first - thanks for this awesome solution to connect machines together.

My Firewall is complaining that TailScale want’s to connect to “log.tailscale.io”. Why is that and what kind of data is send to this address from TailScale?

Thanks in advance.

Some background info on our diagnostic logs:


We’re working on more fun integrations so you can get real-time access to metrics about traffic on your network, feed it into corporate SIEM systems, detect malware trying to spread around, etc.

Although we say it in several places including our privacy policy, I’ll note again here: we never log your Internet browsing traffic or public DNS lookups. The logs exist so we can determine and improve the quality and reliability of Tailscale’s network connectivity and especially so we can monitor ongoing improvements to our NAT traversal algorithms. You can see exactly which things we log by looking in syslog on your linux system.

Thanks for the feedback. I searched for “log.tailscale.io” and nothing about this URL came up (only sourcecode and a bug arround that). So it might be an idea to add the URL to the blogpost so that google is able to find it when some else is searching for that URL. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, just added it to docs: Logging, auditing, and streaming · Tailscale