Using Raspberry Pi in the field

Tailscale user:
I have recently come across Tailscale and was extremely impressed with its simplicity. I would like to review options for deploying Tailscale to our field team and customers, I am envisioning a solution that would expose a subnet to our field team. I have seen Raspberry Pi is supported, we utilize Pis for Cloudflare Argo Tunnels to access 443 (Systems User Interface) – but that does not solve our issue of our engineering tools connection over various ports.

It seems the Windows client does not support exposing subnets, do you foresee this changing?

Are there any routers that support Tailscale and can be managed from a WebUI?

The Windows client doesn’t currently support subnets, but it’s being planned: Please feel free to follow and comment on that task.

In terms of routers, you can drop a Linux “relay node” on any subnet and configure that (on the command line, with approval in the Tailscale admin console) to grant access to the subnet that it has access to. This even works with a virtual machine. Please let us know if you require more details.