A Subnet Router and Tailscale Client on Same Network Appears to Block Local Access

Tailscale V1.20.2
Windows 10 for the client, RaspberyOS for the subnet router.

I have a series of subnet routers at several of our locations running on Linux clients. At each of these locations, there are users who have Tailscale installed (Windows client). The users can access other networks but are blocked from accessing their local network. For example, users on network can access anything on the network, but can’t access an IP like10.0.20.1. Disabling “use Tailscale Subnets” resolves the issue, but of course, then that user can’t access the other locations via the subnet routers at those sites.

Is there some way to resolve this? Have a windows client operate on the same network as a subnet router while maintaining local access?

This is a known issue; there are multiple topics on the forum about it, and there’s a long-standing GitHub issue as well.

Thank you for posting the GitHub issue. I will follow that and complain there. Super annoying problem.

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