TS + Mullvad VPN at the same time

I am thinking of using TS to link several family computers and simplify access. I occasionally use Mullvad as a VPN. Is this going to be an issue with TS? BTW Mullvad also uses Wireguard rather than openvpn. I suspect it won’t be an issue but just want to make sure.


There is GitHub issue that exists, which describes more information and workaround about using Mullavad and Tailscale together;

looks like the next version of mullvad’s split tunnel seems to work with TS

ok so I switched my firewall from ufw (iptables) to firewalld (nftables) which seems to work better and allow my to mod the firewall rules on the fly to allow mullvad and tailscale to work together

How could you achieve this on Windows? In the Mullvad Windows client, I added all tailscale exe’s to the split tunneling section & have enabled “local network access” but I still can’t access my tailscale devices.