Tailscale support for ARM processors?

Tailscale user:
Hi Support!

I try to install Tailscale to my Microsoft Surface (64bits ARM) laptop but I get errors:

During installation: Cannot find the specified process
When starting: Tailscale backend error: wgenginge.NewUserspaceEngine: Error creating interface: No driver for device “Wintun” installed

Is there a solution for this issue or doesn’t Tailscale support ARM processors?

Thanks for trying out Tailscale. As you suspect, Tailscale doesn’t have support for ARM 64 quite yet, though we are working on that. Specifically, we have a task filed to cover Microsoft Surface devices (https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/issues/462). I do know that some members of our team are currently working on this, so thanks for your patience while we get it sorted out.

There is now an arm64 build!

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