Tailscale services and monitoring


I have a number of windows based users who use tailscale to connect to a server. The experience has been inconsistent. Here is what we have experienced:

  • Users get signed out
  • TailScale services stop working
  • Out of date tailscale agents cause issues
  • Updating the tailscale agent takes an unusual amount of time - sometimes 20+ minutes, on fast, modern machines

I would like to use our RMM platform to monitor TailScales services, and status. For EX:
If one of TailScales services is not running, we can have the RMM automatically start the service back up again. In order to do this, I would need to know what the name of all of the TailScale services are, and its dependent services.

Additionally, I would like to be notified when an agent needs to be signed into again. Server updates and restarts often times cause the agent to have to sign in again. If I could script an auto-sign in, or monitor for when an agent is not signed in and immediately run remediation which signs the user back in again - I think this would help solve a lot of the reliability issues that we have been having.

Any thoughts or insight on this would be appreciated. Thanks!