Winows error: Tailscale is already in use by WINDOWSMACHINENAME/adminuser


I have a problem with a windows machine where this error always pops up. The user that is supposed to be using (blocking) tailscale is not logged in and also not using it, it is an admin user that is currently not used.
Uninstalling tailscale does not help.

Tailscale does not work as a service. You have to get the other people to log off for it to work for you.

There are no other people logged in, that is the bug. I’m the only person that uses the other account and it is a admin account that I only use while setting up the machine, it has been rebooted many times since then, I’m positively not logged in.

I need to resolve this ASAP, I’m a paying customer, is there a more direct timely way to get support?

This has been resolved, but the support here was very slow and I had to fix it myself, is there a way to get proper customer support on Tailscale?

Did you actually contact support or just post here?