Tailscale on Windows 11 with McAfee Internet Security

After Windows upgrade, I was facing issue pertaining to Tailscale which has been resolved after upgrading Tailscale to version 1.14.4

I have two nodes, mobile and laptop on Tailscale network. I am able to ping the mobile from laptop not vice versa. After some hit and trial, I was able to ping from mobile (android) to laptop by making the following changes in the McAfee Firewall settings → My Network Connections:

After this, I am able to ping my Windows 11 laptop from mobile. Despite doing these changes, neither Taildrop is working nor Network Browser (Android) is working. I am using Network Browser app in Android phone to browse the folder shared on my laptop. I am only entering the IP at Server Address field to access the laptop folder.

I think the issue might be related to Tailscale settings in McAfee Internet Security. Has anybody encountered the same. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.