Tailscale exit node problem with google cloud

Hello everyone,

So I have been following guides and trying to set up a vm on google cloud as an exit node, however, after much trial and error and possibly messing up the vm for all I know, on the tailscale console, the vm is shown with the blue tags subnet and exit node, but when I right click on the tailscale icon and go to exit node options, it still shows “no exit node available”. Can anyone tell the problem is from my description? Is it better to delete the vm and start all over?

Hi @Stnrw! I’m not sure which blue “subnet” tag you’re referring to, but so long as your Google Cloud VM is connected to your tailnet and advertising itself as an exit node, you should be able to go on any other machine connected to the same tailnet and do the following:

  1. tailscale down.
  2. tailscale up --reset for good measure, just the one time.
    Warning: this will clear flags and command-line config passed in to tailscale from this machine on previous invocations.
  3. See the exit node being advertised from there.

I have written a small Terraform module for this same use case, if you are interested in giving that a try instead?

Hey there, thank you for the reply. I did manage to get the exit node up after much trial and error, don’t even know what fixed it, but I will definitely check out the module, not that technologically savvy though so might take me a while to figure out how to get it running.

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