Google Compute Engine As Exit Node

Hi there,
I was wondering if there are any docs on how to create a google cloud compute engine as an exit node.

I created a micro compute engine VM with “IP Forwarding” turned on upon creation: Using routes  |  VPC  |  Google Cloud

I also followed the guides as well here: How do I enable IP forwarding? · Tailscale

However, the admin UI still tells me that “ip forwarding is misconfigured” and trying to use my exit node through the Tailscale MacOS app does not work (it connects but cannot reach anything on my browser).


This ought to work. Can you try the latest tailscale unstable package and confirm whether the same problem occurs?

@apenwarr I actually got it to work by going to the admin console and adding as a global name server as well as turning on magic dns. I got the hint from another forum post here and things started to work.

I think it would be great if those two configurations were added to the exit node docs.

Thank you!

Hi @marwan91,

Thank you for your message.

Im trying to configure tailscale on a gcp machine but see there is no dns traffic from my machine to outside world after selecting exit node on macos.

My linux is a debian on gcp and I already configure it accordingly to Enable IP forwarding on Linux · Tailscale + Exit Nodes (route all traffic) · Tailscale

I configure my virtual machine on gcp to allow all incoming traffic and outcoming traffic to and even doing that Im still not able to see dns traffic going through this exit node.

I tried to look for “global dns” on gcp documentation and I found this one https cloud dot google dot com slash compute slash docs slash internal-dns#global-dns which for me looks something very complex to understand.

Do you mind if you tell me in easy words how can I:

  1. “going to admin console and adding as global name server” ? and 2. “turning on magic dns” ?

Thank you!

Please refer to MagicDNS · Tailscale

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