Synology Tailscale using Plex via iOS app Not Working

I am new to Tailscale, and recently I installed Tailscale on my Synology NAS DS920+ as well as my iPhone running iOS 16.2.

I am running PLEX Media Server on my Synology NAS, and wanted to be able to access the library without resolution restrictions, so I installed Tailscale on both devices. I added firewall rules on my Synology and gave permissions for tailscale to run. I also followed Access Synology NAS from anywhere · Tailscale to try and configure my Synology to allow my iPhone access to my PLEX server via the iOS app.

While on Tailsclaes VPN on my iPhone, I am able to remotely reach my Synology Plex server via both the App as well as the Synology DSM login URL (using the Tailscale ip-address for the DS920+). While connected through the DSM on the browser I am able to play my Plex content in full resolutions (without restrictions) when I access my Plex via the browser using the ip-address (given by Tailscale) and the port of my Plex for Synology. However when I access my Plex using the iOS App I am restricted to a maximum of 480p.

TLDR; Can’t use Plex with full resolution videos when using iOS App when using Tailscale