Synology, Tailscale and Frigate

Tailscale version: 1.22.2
Your operating system & version: Synology 7

I have Tailscale on my iPhone, Mac and Synology and it’s been working great.

On my Synology NAS I run Frigate for camera NVR.

Two days ago I had to re-authenticate Tailscale on the Synology NAS and since then Frigate can’t access my network cameras.

No updates or changes have been made to Frigate or the NAS.

I can access Frigate over Tailscale connection though, but can’t see any cameras, just events and historic recordings prior to the reauthentication.

Turning off Tailscale on the Synology fixes the problem but obviously I then don’t have any external access.

What could have changed?
What should I be checking?