Synology DSM7 Version is Old

Tailscale version: 1.12.4-2006
Your operating system & version - Synology DSM7

I recently upgraded my Synology NAS to a newer model (DS-1520+) with DSM7. Installing Tailscale from the Synology package center installs 1.12.4-2006. Is this correct? It says its the newest online version, when 1.18 has Synology release notes and 1.16 has been out for awhile now.


The version in the Synology Package Center is 1.12.4. We get an opportunity to update the package center once a month, though if anything goes wrong in the process it results in not being able to update for another month. The December update of the Synology Package Center is expected to be 1.16.2.

If you are comfortable sideloading packages from a source other than the Package Center, GitHub - tailscale/tailscale-synology: Synology packages for has current builds for Synology platforms. The 1.18.0 release for Synology was built yesterday.

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Makes sense. Thought maybe I had a stale install or something. Thanks.