V1.20.0 Synology X86_64 .pkg file missing from github

Following is where I’ve been downloading latest Synology packages.

For V1.20.0 some packages have been loaded but others have not. Specifically the x86_64 package for DSM7. is there a technical reason why this was held back?

The GitHub runner ate itself. We’re trying to figure out why and how to get it to try again.

Any news on the x86_64 DSM7 package? Any chance it will come this weekend?

I understand that you want the Synology package.
We are working on getting it built.

Houston, we have a problem? I’ve got a hammer if you need help to fix the compiler. lol Just checking in…{yawn}

In all seriousness, can I get an update on this issue? With the V1.20.1 Synology package details populating, but no actual builds available, you must be dealing with some backend issue.

The github action we had been using to do the synology builds is not able to upload the release binaries. You can see it: Makefile: Update to OSS 1.20.0. (#97) · tailscale/tailscale-synology@4750544 · GitHub

We made a change in permissions to our repositories which broke that builder. GitHub will not allow the permissions setting to be reverted. We think there is a ratchet on the permission for security reasons, once we updated to tighter permissions it won’t allow it to be loosened again.

That really is the entire problem. The builder is broken.

We’re adding synology support to the builder we use for the other platforms, which puts its build artifacts in https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/
Once done, Synology builds will appear there.

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SPKs for the 1.20.2 release can be found at https://pkgs.tailscale.com/stable/#spks

SPKs for the 1.21.24 build can be found at https://pkgs.tailscale.com/unstable/#spks
These are an early test release of what will be in the 1.22.0 stable release.

SPK binaries will no longer be distributed at GitHub - tailscale/tailscale-synology: Synology packages for tailscale.com, they will be on https://pkgs.tailscale.com from now on.

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Thank you!!

That said, I’ve found a problem with 1.20.2 for x64_x86 on DSM7.

Previous versions when you open the package on Synology it takes you to a webpage confirming connectivity, offering to advertise as an exit node, showing the Tailscale IP, etc…

With V1.20.2 I get a page saying “sorry, the page you are looking for is not found” The page has a Synology header so it’s definitely internal to the NAS builtin webserver.

This is with 4 different Synology NAS models all running latest DSM7 and Tailscale 1.20.2. Tried to reboot the NAS as well, did not fix.

I imagine new users would not be able to connect a Synology NAS to their Tailscale account using this version.

@DGentry I installed V1.20.2 x64_86 DSM7 on a DS920+ as a new install. The configuration/login page does not load. I see the same Synology page displaying “sorry, the page you are looking for is not found”.

Yes, I understand. We were able to reproduce the issue last night. I believe a fix was checked in late last night in build.go: make index.cgi executable by bradfitz · Pull Request #107 · tailscale/tailscale-synology · GitHub. We need to test it more and then generate new SPKs.

Alternately, you could reinstall 1.18.2 from Release v1.18.2 · tailscale/tailscale-synology · GitHub

Thank you. As long as you’re aware and a fix is in process… Appreciate you.

FYI, V1.20.3 resolves the issue in V1.20.2. Thank you.