Subnet pinging not working for MacOS

I’ve started setting up my Tailscale network, but I’m having issues with subnets.

Here is my 3 devices, I gave them easy names for clearness.
The router is a Synology running DSM7.

This is a computer inside the router local network

From android, I can easily ping it

but from macos it gives timeout for every request

Firewall is NOT active on the Mac

Any hints on what could the cause be?
Is there any log or info I can provide that can help you?

Thank you!

DO you have “Use Taislcale Subnet” option enabled on your macOS?

Yes, that option is enabled.

What network firewall you are using ? Can you please try adding “randomizeClientPort true” in your ACL, there are some firewalls which blocks connections over specific UDP port.

For more details , Network access controls (ACLs) · Tailscale