[SOLVED] "Allow local network access" - Understanding

I’m hoping i can articulate this correctly. I have 2 PC’s. 1 DELL, 1 Windows Surface Pro.
My dell is plugged into my ISP router (

My surface pro has a cellular sim card for internet access.
Surface Pro
Public IP (from ISP): A.B.C.D

I have a web server on the network. The webserver is If i check “run exit node” on the DELL AND pick the DELL on my Surface Pro as the exit node the Surface is able to ping and access the webserver via

“Allow local network access” is unchecked in this scenario on both machines. What exactly does this setting do in my scenario?

I interpret “Allow local network access” as the exit node allowing ALL tailscale devices to access devices on the exit nodes physical LAN (in my case the devices on the LAN of the ISP router

Solved from reddit u/artemis-sun

The option to “allow local network access” on your Mac allows the computer to access it’s own local LAN, not the exit node’s LAN. Other devices on your Mac’s local network can’t ping or reach your Mac if that option is disabled, and vice versa. It’s unrelated to your exit node’s LAN.