Feature suggestion: public sharing

I’ve heard about the beta for sharing nodes with other Tailscale users. But this only works when both parties use Tailscale, and I don’t know a lot of other Tailscale users. I do, however, know many Internet users. So it would be really neat if I could assign a publicly routeable IP address to one of the nodes inside my Tailscale network, even if normally that node isn’t normally publicly reachable (okay, pretty much no systems are connected directly to the IPv4 Internet (my ISP doesn’t support IPv6 unfortunately) anyways (because of the badness that is NAT)).

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We may not want to get into that business ourselves soon here, but we’ll likely be providing an easy way to launch a $4 or $5/month VM on a cloud provider elsewhere that does the public IP -> Tailscale internal mapping. Perhaps in a one-click-deploy fashion so you don’t need to do any Linux config work once the VM comes up.