Run tailscaled by systemd with tailscale --shield-up feature


i have a linux box which is used as a local network termination but it will be never target for other tailscale nodes, so i want to combine to run tailscale by daemon as systemd unit and tailscaled and use the tailscale option --shields-up.

The configuration for extra flags for tailscaled is sourced from /etc/default/tailscaled, but tailscaled has an other type of flags (with only one dash) and does not know --shields-up.

I walked through the cli documentation but i could not find the right hint how to get these combined.
Is there a way to achive this?


tailscale up --shields-up

You only need to do that once. It stores the configuration, when the device reboots it will start with the same set of options.

If you want to change this later: tailscale up --shields-up=false



Where can i find the stored configuration?

The state is stored in /var/lib/tailscale

Ah, ok - got it.
Thank you!