Routing traffic from a subnet router back to the tailnet

From what I understand traffic flows this way with subnet router:

Request –> Tailnet –> Subnet Router –> Host

Can the subnet router be configured to resolve requests in the other direction?

Host –> Subnet Router –> Tailnet –> Tailscale Host

I’ve used a reverse proxy for this (e.g. nginx), but it only routes to one Tailscale host. You can do more with either different paths or with virtual hosts, but you have to be explicit about the routing. With nginx, you can use proxy_pass to proxy traffic to the appropriate Tailscale host. Docs here: NGINX Reverse Proxy | NGINX Plus

I’m also discovering subnets as we speak.

Some people suggest Site-to-site networking, but it is not the case here. It is aimed to reach one specific tailscale-host from a non-tailscale-host

Request –> Tailnet –> Subnet Router –> Host
I confirm it works this way, well, it is intended to.

Host –> Subnet Router –> Tailnet –> Tailscale Host
If you haven’t tried it yet, I can confirm this way doesn’t work with the original settings

Hope somebody helps us


I solved the issue by following this user’s footsteps.

DO NOT FORGET to “tailscale up –accept-routes” on the tailnet linux-machines that you want to reach