Router to advertise specific machines on same subnets?

Trying to understand how overlapping networks might hurt me in the future-- I’m lucky enough so far that the network I needed the Tailscale router on is a 10.0.X kind of range, not your more common 192.168.X.X but I hope I can lean on others knowledge to understand what might occur.

If I have two networks (Alpha, Beta) both on your standard default ISP provided router ranges.

Site Beta is running a tailwind router advertising very select computers that it wants Jane at Site Alpha to see: tailscale up --advertise-routes,

If Jane (sitting at Site A) enables her Tailscale client-- can she ping/connect to those two addresses, or do they just get squashed her local subnet? Do they ‘lose’ to the local addresses always, or only if a local address exists?

If Jane really wanted to-- could she force that ‘hey local computer-- go grab from the tailwind interface please and ignore the computer sitting next to me’?

Amazed by Tailscale so far, it’s so good it makes me slightly scared of it :slight_smile:

The only workaround we can suggest here is edit iptable rules and rewrite one of the subnets with the 10.x.x.x.