Raspberry Pi Question

Tailscale User: We are trying out Tailscale as a VPN solution for an IOT-project. Have about 100 RPIs located around sweden and we are looking for a way to provide ssh-access to 'em.

Installing tailscale and getting setup was a easy and straight forward. But I wonder, how long does it work?
Is there a case where the RPI will have to re-auth with Tailscale? I’ve tried the macOS-client a few months back i had to log in quite a lot.

Tailscale Support: We require devices to re-auth regularly as a security feature, but we offer a “Disable Key Expiry” from the admin console to disable this. Tap the “…” menu on the right of the page and clicking “Disable Key Expiry” to set this up.

Unfortunately, it’s manual per-device for now, so it’ll be a little painful, but it’s a one-time process. That device won’t need to re-authenticate on a regular basis.