Printing from MacOS to printer attached on Linux

Tailscale user: Hello,

I am really enjoying using Tailscale for my home network needs.

( I really wish there was a paid ‘tier’ for people like myself
(noncommercial) who just want to connect family computers,
my kids, my dad’s etc)

My main problem is that I am trying to print FROM a macbook pro
(MacOS) TO a Brother printer connected to an Ubuntu 20.04 laptop.

I’ve chosen IPP printing on the Mac, put in the Tailscale IP address
for the Ubuntu Laptop, select the proper driver, and nothing works.

I’ve added :631 port to the IP address (CUPS) -> does not work.
I’ve added http: and https: to start of address -> does not work.
I’ve explicitly told CUPS on Ubuntu to listen to proper interface and
port -> does not work.

Also tried it with the LPD type printer setup.

I am definitely missing something here. Any suggestions?

Tailscale support:
Friends & family sharing functionality is coming, but it’ll probably mostly all be free.

Is there a firewall on your Ubuntu machine blocking the traffic? We’re starting to design a feature that detects when Tailscale receives an incoming connection but then notices when it’s blocked by your operating system. For now you have to debug such things by hand (e.g. with tcpdump or iptables-save to see what’s going on and perhaps or whatever firewall you’re using).

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Tailscale user: Thanks for answering my questions. Glad to know there will be a Friends and Family sharing option.

Ok for the firewall. I will play around with that.