Connect to Printer / Folder (Am I expecting Magic?)

I’ve searched both here and on YouTube can’t seem to find an answer I have two questions that I think would be what most people would want to use this for.

Connecting to a printer and connecting to a folder

I assumed if I load tailed scale on all of my devices that when I clicked on add printer that it would see a printer on one of the other devices that have the tailscale client; that does not appear to be the case

I’ve had limited success with going into file explorer and adding the IP address of the device I’m trying to look at and seeing it’s shared folders.

Can anybody explain or appoint me towards the resource it would show me how to connect to a printer across the VPN - with Google Cloud Print dying in less than 72 hours I feel that they will be a rush of people trying to figure out how they can print to a printer that’s not at their same location.

much thanks in advance

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We’ve thought about adding specific support for automatically exposing
file shares and printers, but we’re not all the way there yet. In the
meantime, you should be able to make it work:

  1. Add the printer to a machine on the same physical LAN.

  2. Enable file & printer sharing on that machine.

  3. Access that machine by its tailscale IP address or magicdns name
    from some other machine on your tailscale network.

The only missing part should be the automatic browsing, which will
probably require us to support mDNS or some other kind of service
discovery, which isn’t ready yet.

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This deffo works from Win 10 to Win Server 2016 and 2019, did it today for both file and printer sharing. Setting up the shares on the server side was a bit of faffing around that I haven’t got back to documenting yet, but it all worked through the GUI. Will revisit it to see if it stays sticky through reboots using net share as well.