Non-TS device connecting through Hotspot (TS Device) to local server?

I appreciate any help. I have local webserver/Rasp Pi running Grafana with Tail Scale installed. I have Tail Scale install on my Android phone. Everything connects when using my phone to access the local website.

The problem is I am Trying to connect to the website using a device that I cannot install TS on (Tesla).

I connected my Tesla to my Android phone (w/TS) Hotspot, but I am not able access the IP /website via the Tesla browser.
In essence, I am was hoping that by using the Android phone with TS as a hotspot it would share the access permissions to my local network (website) without needing TS installed on the Tesla.

Hope this makes sense. Thoughts on how to make this work and if it is even possible?

I don’t think it will just work as is - you’ve got to get the Android hotspot to route the traffic to the Tailscale app (it might, I’ve not tried) and the tailscale app to route that into the network as a NAT router, which I’m pretty sure it can’t do. It can be an exit node, but that’s the other way around.

You may find there’s a web proxy server app you can run on the phone. A 10 second search led me to this - literally just the first result so not a recommendation
This way the the tesla isn’t connecting to the Tailscale network at all - the proxy app acts gets the pages from the Pi over tailscale, acts like a local webserver and the Tesla connects to that server on the phone directly.