Node got isolated when using exit-node

On one node start use an exit node.

#tailscale up --exit-node ecs-30340 --exit-node-allow-lan-access

But this node got isolated when using exit-node
It cannot ping the exit-node, no route to outside except local network.

#ip route show table 52
default dev tailscale0 dev tailscale0 dev tailscale0

]# tailscale ping ecs-30340
ping “” timed out

Tailscale version
1.32.3 tailscale commit: a07555f434843c2d049bfb04b0b17b61dd362824 other commit: 093d1e978538b249ab628c721e2f49d97b2cd16d go version: go1.19.2-ts3fd24dee31

tailscale status

“Peer”: {
“nodekey:xxxx”: {
“ID”: “nhr8hD4CNTRL”,
“ExitNode”: true,
“ExitNodeOption”: true,

When using exit node, How tailscale node connect control plane or derp server? As all the traffic routed to tailscale0, but tailscale0 cannot reach out. Sounds like a dead loop!