Multiple Exit-Nodes with same Subnet or manual Gateway-Route?

As Exit-Node I got the subnet work but only when existing one time.

For Service related issues, I have the same subnet multiple times behind behind different Tailscale VPN Clients (Linux). Connection one client and it’s subnet is required only one at the time. So the plan is to add manual route on a Client, accessing the remote subnet (Tailscale client IP as Gateway)

(e.g. Windows)
route ADD {subnet} MASK {Subnetzmaske {Tailscale Client}
route ADD MASK

With Tailscale I’m not sure if this is possible at all - I did not get it work. Also no luck with abbreviated commandline options. Possible?

It seem that Tailscale get some data, but rejecting the paket due to its log entry.

In comparison: with OpenVPN I got such a style easily working with IP Formwarding activated and Masquerade.

Hello Steve,

Did you try looking into the subnet relay node feature in Tailscale? Subnet routes and relay nodes · Tailscale

Sure. That’s what I’m asking,

The relay node is possible only one time. I have several endpoints, with the same subnet behind, which get the same “subnet” configuration. I cannot activate multiple of them at same time, or must manually deactivate in the configuration console. Instead, I want to use a manuall route by defining the endpoint address which leads to the subnet behind.

If you are trying to route to multiple networks that are using the same /24 IP space, you are going to need to NAT the connections somehow (masquerade). It seems that the OpenVPN connection is working due to the NAT. Tailscale doesn’t NAT (from what I’ve seen).

Tailscale does display me some more commandline options than, explained in the documentation.
When using the route, tailscale logs something, packets are arriving, but blocked. Maybe there is more commandline option that can allow nat or masquerade behind? For my configuration masquerade is allowed for all interfaces, but tailscale drops the packets when incoming.